CFO Advisory Services

Many companies start small and do not have resources to hire a full-time CFO.  This is understandable, especially when the early focus is on getting the product right, finding and refining the sales approach, and the many other high priority goals you're working to accomplish. 

Plus, since the CEO is good with numbers, the finance role is covered, right?  Every good leader knows they don't have all the answers. And it can become nearly impossible to attain a balanced perspective when you're continually facing new situations without a seasoned team behind you, advising from differing perspectives to fill out the picture. 

It's becoming common knowledge that the CFO role has a unique and meaningful voice to lend as a strategic partner within any company.  The finance department's access to internal data combined with an analytical approach can be the link to bring vision and tactics into reality.  Being grounded in the drivers of a company's financial health can also serve as ballast when navigating from one pivot to another in the fast-paced and ever-changing market many companies find themselves in. 

Your company should have a CFO, period.  We know you don't think you can afford one, and that's why we're here to help you understand how to achieve your goals. 

  •  We can bridge the gap. 

  • We can raise capital.

  • We can provide external audit support.

  • We can support, train and mentor your accounting and finance team.

  • We can develop and manage key relationships with investors, bankers, auditors and lawyers.

  • We can overcome working capital hurdles. 

  • We can guide you through complex scenario planning and strategy development.

  • We can lead board, bank, and investor presentations.

  • We can help you reach GAAP compliance through the development of appropriate internal controls. 

  • We can take your earliest stage planning and help define the systems, processes, and resources your business will require in the finance and accounting functions to support your operations. 

  • We can solve forecasting, budgeting, and cash planning mysteries.


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