Why Management Accounting?

It's All About The Customer

Management Accounting is primarily concerned with serving leadership and management inside an organization.  We believe this intentional orientation matters and directly impacts the prioritization and focus of the work being done, as well as the results.  

We believe that being concerned with delivering what is most valuable to our customers is vital to engaging in meaningful work.  Many accountants and finance professionals are focused on assembling documents that organizations are required to produce or file, but which have limited value internally.  That work is good and necessary, but it's not what we're all about.  

Knowing who our customer is also means we'll work to speak your organization's language and make sure financial information is presented without being obscured by accounting or finance-specific jargon.  Every company is different and every company's accounting function can resemble and speak more like the organization rather than external consumers of financial information.

Embracing Technology

Every accounting role must embrace technology in some capacity, but we seek to lead positive change through the adoption of innovative solutions that improve the efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility to the data that organizations find useful in decision making.

We believe that improved and well implemented technology is a key to finance leadership becoming a strategic partner within an organization.

Ethical Principles

As outlined by the IMA, we embrace our influential role within organizations to promote the ethical principles of Honesty, Fairness, Objectivity, and Responsibility.  We actively work to exemplify these principles and live them out consistently both personally and professionally.

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