Maker's Approach to Projects

At MMA,  we find the challenge of providing complex financial reporting within the often limited-resource environment of a small business an enticing challenge.  The important systems projects that make good reporting possible don't cause trepidation for our team as they sometimes do for others.  We embrace constant change and love adding value through a well-executed implementation.

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Project Services

Financial Systems Projects

Our general approach to systems projects is consultative and focused on personalized difference-making results. Our starting and ending points are guided by listening to how your company's leadership views (and/or wants to view) your business.  

1. Background and Discovery - We want to hear how you're business is internally organized  (or how you'd like to organize), what reports and metrics would be most valuable to you, and review your current internal systems, processes, reporting, and resources.  

2. Collaborate - Next we like to collaborate with you to establish how your goals are achievable, prioritize  and understand where they stand amongst other initiatives, and chart the most efficient course to accomplishing them.  We like to think of systems goals as extensions of reporting goals.  We begin with what you want to see and then reverse engineer to discover what data is necessary to gather and how to best make it possible.   

3. Execute - From selection to go-live and beyond, whether it's a one-time project or a series of projects, we pride ourselves on delivering useful data and helping you get the most from your systems dollars.  We can either lead the project or do the dirty work in support of your team.  There isn't a detail too small and we always document new processes and ensure your team receives all necessary training to achieve a smooth transition and return on your investment.  Let us take the worry and pain out of your financial systems projects.


Order-to-Cash Projects

If you're having staff manually create quotes and/or contracts, are struggling with internal controls, have a manual order entry process, or need help identifying how you can improve your order to cash efficiency, help is available. 

1. Background and Discovery - We want to know everything there is to know about how your company quotes new business, manages pricing, handles contract administration, processes new orders, invoices customers, manages Accounts Receivable, and receives payment. We'll also collect information about known problems and your hopes for improvement.  

2. Collaborate - We will provide you with an objective assessment of your current processes, highlight opportunities for improvement, and prioritize changes to align with your other current initiatives and available resources.

3. Execute - Automating a manual process can be a quick way to reduce your staff's day-to-day workload without taking on a monumental project or additional headcount, if only you knew where to implement change and the systems available to enact that change most effectively. We know the best systems available, and will save you the hassle of sitting through meetings and demos before learning whether a solution is even within budget or going to solve your problem. From standardizing contracts to automated follow-up, from esignature solutions to one-click order entry, all the way through online payment options, we can simplify operations and make your team more effective quickly!